Vik Rubenfeld has supervised studies for companies including Mattel Toys, Hewlett Packard, Dos Equis Beer, Nissin Foods, Pioneer Electronics, the Southern California Gas Company, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Yamaha, Fujitsu, and many others.

For 20+ years, Rubenfeld has overseen projects both large and small. RRA President Vik Rubenfeld has over 20 years of experience in the Market Research industry, providing qualitative and quantitative market research for projects including advertising copy testing; awareness and attitude tracking; new product development; customer satisfaction; product positioning; product pricing; purchase decision process; and others. RRA has provided Market Research project design and supervision, data tabulation, and advanced statistics to clients including Mattel Toys, CCH Computax, FHP Corporate, and Pajamas Media.

Prior to that Rubenfeld was Associate Research Director for Dancer Fitzgerald Sample (now Saatchi & Saatchi), a top-10 ad agency, where he supervised research for companies including Bushnell Binoculars, Fujitsu, General Medical Centers, Nissin Foods, and Pioneer Electronics.

Rubenfeld has moderated dozens of focus groups, and has provided multivariate analysis, including Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, and Perceptual Mapping, for companies including Anchor Blue, Dos Equis, Hewlett Packard, and others.

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